Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most Popular Degrees at University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the most popular online universities available to students today. Founded in 1976, the university is the largest private university in North America with more than 200 locations plus their availability of online university degrees. It boasts a number of popular degrees available in associates, bachelors and advanced degrees.
With more than 400,000 current students and almost 100 online degrees, it may be overwhelming to determine which degree is best suited for you. If you are considering enrollment at the university, it may be beneficial to learn what other Phoenix students are studying.
Most Popular Degrees at University of Phoenix
Business & Management - At University of Phoenix's School of Business you'll learn from industry leaders about the fundamentals and best practices of the business world. Their education methodology includes simulations, case studies and virtual organizations. Some of the most popular business degrees within the School of Business include:
Green Programs
Hospitality & Tourism
Information Systems
Retail Management
Sports Management
Criminal Justice & Security - Degree programs offered from the College of Criminal Justice and Security provide students with an in-depth knowledge of criminal justice as well as security best practices. The faculty educates students on the most recent digital advancements and prevention strategies. The most popular online university degrees within the College of Criminal Justice and Security are:
Criminal Justice Administration
Organizational Security
Criminal Justice
Justice and Security
Information Technology - A degree from University of Phoenix's College of Information Systems and Technology provides you with more than the principles of information technology. Their programs venture far beyond reading textbooks with hands-on experience and real-life scenarios. Some of the most popular degrees offered at The University of Phoenix include:
Information Systems Security
IT Support
Software Engineering
Web Design
Education - With more than 25 years of education experience, the College of Education has programs designed to serve the needs of aspiring teachers, those looking to move into administration, and those interested in adult learning theory. Their courses are taught by educators and administrators and are regularly being updated with input from current teachers. Two of the most popular online university degrees at the College of Education are:
Elementary Education
Special Education
Health Care - The College of Natural Sciences offers challenging programs to help you develop critical, independent thinking as well as problem-solving skills. They blend new and traditional scientific theory and knowledge to create a solid basis of natural sciences. Two of the most popular degrees within the College of Natural Sciences are:
Long-term Care
Health Administration
Master's Degrees - University of Phoenix offers master's degree programs in a variety of fields designed to help you stay competitive in your career. Their online university degrees give you the flexibility to continue working while pursuing your degree and allow you to take only one class at a time if need be. Some of the most popular master's degrees offered include:
Information Systems
Special Education
Health Care Administration
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Online Education - Today's Buzzword

Students world over are whole-heartedly accepting online education. The advantages of online education have made it the popular mode of education among the students of all age groups in all parts of the world. This growing popularity of online education has led to the emergence of a large number of educational institutions offering online education for a wide range of subjects. The growth of educational institutions offering relearning facilities has been significantly high in the US, Europe and the developed nations of the world.
Online Education- Changing Perception
In the past people perceived online education as an unserious and unscrupulous way of laying hands of a fast degree and getting good grades without much effort and hard work. People also had doubts about the reputation of education institutes offering online education. However, the times have changes significantly and today the majority of educational institutions offering online education are well established. Most of the world's leading education institutions have commenced online programs, which vindicate the validity of online education. Most of the online courses offer in-depth learning to the students in their respective educational modules.
Factors Contributing To The Growth of Online Education
Online education is becoming popular because most of the educational institutions offering online courses ensure qualitative learning. Talented professors and subject matter experts are at the helm of affairs at almost all accredited universities and colleges offering online courses and online degree programs. The students can be assured of good results in such courses.
Here are some factors that have contributed to the fast paced growth of online education:
· Flexible schedule
The biggest advantage of online education is that the students can do effective utilization of their time, which is the most precious resource. People participating in online education have the freedom of maintaining a flexible schedule, which helps them tremendously and it has come as a boon for the people who are working and want to continue their education.
· Student-Centered Learning
The students in online education have an advantage because they are in charge of their learning experience. The students can prioritize their schedule and complete the assignments as per their comfort levels and convenience. This is possible because the teachers in online mode of education are not teaching you all the time. As an online student, you have the liberty to select the mode of learning.
· Fair Playing Field
Online education is growing in popularity because it offers a level playing field to all the students. When you are learning online, your performance is the only criterion that affects the decision-making and your gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, and other considerations do not cloud the decision making process. This is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of online education.
All these advantages of online education may prompt you to join e learning. However, before you take the plunge and enroll in an online course, please make sure that you are familiar with the methodology of online education.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Online Education - Education In Vogue

Time management is the key to success in today's fast paced world. How one manages his or her time determines the success quotient and this is the reason why online education id gaining immense popularity. Since online education offers unmatched flexibility and the students and learners can manage time in line with their other priorities, it is becoming a very popular mode of education in almost all parts of the world. The growing popularity of online education has resulted in the establishment of several online educational institutions offering online degree courses and other learning opportunities.
Some people harbored the misconception that the advantages of online education are restricted only for those students and learners who had an established record of past accomplishments. This also led to the belief that online education helps only those who have access to modern means of communication as computer and Internet. However, as the awareness about various modes of online education is increasing the misconceptions related to online education are giving way to more acceptability to online education and training.
Changing perception
It is a talk of the past when people considered online mode of education as a quick way of obtaining a degree or getting good grades. In the past, the reputed educational institutions were not offering online education. However, with the increasing popularity of online education, the majority of institutions offering online courses are well-established institutes and they have a rich experience to provide such education. It is worth mentioning, that a large number of world's leading educational institutions are offering online education courses on a wide range of subjects.
Growth drivers
Today, most of the accredited online education courses have talented teachers and professors of repute in their respective specialization. This ensures qualitative learning. The students signing up with online education courses, can be assured of guaranteed results. Moreover, online education is more interesting and more competitive when compared to the traditional teaching methodologies.
Employers' viewpoint
Undoubtedly, many employers were and some of them are still having doubts about the value of online education. However, with change in perception and emerging popularity, a large number of employers have realized their worth. Now the employers consider the online degrees from accredited and well-established online educational institutes of repute. Moreover, the increasing number of people who enroll for online education has changed the employers' perception and now they readily consider the benefits of online education.
Some research reports point out that technology oriented industries such as, communication, computers, media and marketing have started to accept the candidates having online degree courses from accredited and reputed institutions.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Massage Therapy Schools for Alternative Education

It's a snap to find massage therapy schools in the US and Canada because training to be a massage therapist has become one of the most popular educational choices today. In fact, there are so many good massage courses in North America, you might have a little difficulty sorting them out. So, let's take this a step at a time.
First of all, you can find massage classes located in natural healing schools, as well as community colleges, vocational schools, medical schools, and massage clinics. So, where can you find the best accredited massage therapy schools? That really depends on what type of massage practice you intend to enter. Did you know that there are more than 200 distinctly different massage techniques you can learn? No wonder it can be so confusing!
Perhaps you are already a natural healer in a field such as acupuncture or chiropractic. If so, you probably already use many massage techniques in your daily practice. In a case like this, you will want to seek supplemental massage courses to update and perfect your technique to provide your patients with relief from painful conditions or to reduce stress. Most of the established massage therapy schools are very proud of their continuing education classes, and they will employ practicing massage therapists to impart new and relevant information about massage therapy.
If you are just starting out, you might want to personally experience several different styles of massage and then look into a trial massage apprenticeship. Visit a massage clinic and experience the soothing benefits of a luxury massage, aromatherapy massage, or foot reflexology. Maybe stop by a sports venue and talk to the resident sports medicine specialist about sports massage. Or, talk to massage therapists at a local hospital or clinic to see what is involved in medical massage. The point is to determine what type of massage career you prefer, and then focus your search on the type of training that specific massage therapy schools provide. Planning ahead like this can really help you achieve your dreams.
Where do you intend to practice massage? Keep in mind, massage practices can be highly regulated in some states, requiring massage certification, a license, and sometimes regular continuing massage education; while other regions have few or no massage regulations. Better look into the requirements before you even get started. Check with local and national massage therapy organizations for good advice, or just contact schools for massage therapy that seem to meet your goals, and talk it over with the admissions department.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Opportunities for Obtaining an Education and Career in Engineering

Students have numerous opportunities available to them when gaining an education in engineering. The industry is concerned with taking scientific and mathematical components and applying them to the design and development of products. Students should begin their educational training by exploring the options available at accredited universities across the United States.
Training is challenging but students walk away with the skills to apply mathematics and science to solving a variety of technical problems. Curriculums are dedicated to teaching students the processes required to create, design, and produce products and structures. Education is offered at all degree levels and students can choose from various specializations that prepare them for their professional goals.
Students that enter degree programs learn specific implementation procedures that have been used in realistic situations. Procedures will look different according to the concentration chosen but all programs focus on teaching students design practices and cost management, which work together to solve monetary issues. For example, a biomedical engineer uses a particular system and research-based approach to design new prosthetic limbs. Available concentration areas include:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
These options only show a limited selection of the possible career field's students can enter after completing degree programs. Students typically begin their education at the bachelor's degree level because most entry-level careers require employees to have obtained a four-year degree in their specialty.
Civil engineering is seen everyday in bridges, public infrastructures, roads, and more. Education covers multiple practices in order to accomplish the engineering aspects that go into designing and constructing products. Programs provide students with the skills to calculate the stress on buildings, monitor hazardous wastes, evaluate structural designs, and estimate the composition of soils. Engineering physics, economics, hydraulics, and technical communications are some main courses that are completed within a program.
Students interested in working to protect the Earth may want to consider working through degree programs in environmental engineering. All areas of hazardous waste disposal are explored. Training is based on the Environmental Protection Agency's regulations, which include producing systems that correctly and safely store hazardous materials. Courses teach students disposal practices, Earth science standards, and engineering principles that prepare them to become professionals. Subjects include hazardous materials such as acid rain, polluted water, and gas. Students become vital members of firms that act on a company's behalf to correct problems associated with these different components.
Mechanical engineering is another popular educational training option. Training teaches students to design mechanical systems and machines. The practices used to analyze and create mechanical aspects of numerous machines are heavily studied inside a degree program. Electric circuits, differential equations, planning systems, and computer graphics are all course subjects that train students for several careers. Upon graduation students can enter careers in agriculture, tool design, and machine design.
The engineering field is broad making it a viable option for a plethora of students that are interested in careers that combine mathematics, science, and technical areas. Students should research the options to find programs available to them that match their future career aspirations, and carry full accreditation from an agency like the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology . Step inside an engineering degree program and begin learning to become a successful engineer.